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Designer or employer? You are welcome to send your web page, interface, logo, illustration, 3D image, ad campaign or any other designs and I will provide you with a short assessment, free of charge. When submitting your design, it is best to ask a specific question. For example: "My boss hates the new logo I designed... can you tell me why?"

Please note:
- I offer this service to help, but I can't start a discussion about the design due to time constraints.
- Don't ask me when your assessment will arrive. I am busy, so I can't commit to a specific date or time frame.
- All reviews I provide may be published on my blog (without any private information, of course).

 How to Order for Free Review
Send your image (or link) to and include the following details:
1. Name (or nickname for anonymous users)
2. Country
3. E-mail address (for my reply only)
Хочу рецензию на русском языке רוצה בקורת בעברית

Update: Due to the heavy number of requests I am receiving per day, I cannot answer every one. Please forgive me in advance.


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