Monday, October 3, 2011

Blog-o-mania: the era of freedom

It's a new era – an era of blog-news which is led by the tailwind of social networks. Why are we so hungry to read news each morning when we arrive to the office? In a melancholic manner we skim the titles of articles in our favorite blogs and news sites, trying do not skip something important, something we must know as to not be seen as an idiot.

“What, you didn’t read the last news?” It’s a real shame to not know what is happening all the time, because you are a serious guy and you must know everything.

Why, dude? Buy a cup of coffee, eat a croissant with butter and… think about how to not read all this shit! You are not an idiot if you don’t read Mark Zuckenberg’s latestTweet or if you don’t see the photos of Sergey Brin under the red sea.

Just live your life, gather the information you like – this is to be smart.


Angelo said...

I think part of this is simply because it becomes so easy to keep track of news now. I have hundreds of feeds in my RSS reader and thousands of unread feeds that I slowly pick my way through. Of course, every so often I just hit "Mark as Read" and start fresh.

I'm also working on a twitter for rss idea that will allow me to keep track of news without needing to read every single piece of content that comes through it.

Craig said...

I agree completely. I used to read a lot of newspapers on the daily commute and would often be seen with my nose in a paper over lunch and then, as I grew slightly older, I realised that I was growing increasingly annoyed with each and every paper I was reading - it's not about 'reporting', it's about an agenda. Perhaps it's just that the quality of journalism in the UK is so low that I just got tired of reading the same story three or four times, each blaming a different political party.

As for blogs... I read what interests me. I will never be a person who is glued to Twitter or staring at my RSS feed in the hope that Engadget throw out a new article - most of the time people actually bring news to me and in my opinion that actually encourages more debate rather than reading an, often biased, article and it allows you to help each other see a story from a different perspective.

That's my take anyway.

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